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YouTube monetization rates  


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YouTube monetization rates
How many views does YouTube pay for?
With AdSense, you get a certain amount per ad click, while you get a lower amount per view, which will fold over time in your account. By AdSense's rules, when it reaches a certain amount, it is sent to your bank account.

YouTube advertising revenues generate revenue via Click CPC and CPM. CPC (Click Thu Cost) is a cost-per-click business that generates revenue from each click of the advertisement. CPM Thu Thu Mille (cost Per Mille) means the cost of a thousand impressions (also known as CPT, Cost per Thousand) refers to the revenue generated from a thousand ad impressions.

How much money does YouTube make?
Advertising revenues vary, while the prices of the advertising units shown in Turkey are lower, they are higher in Europe and the United States, meaning that if your overseas audience is greater, your revenues will increase. For example, the number of video views on your channel last month was 600 thousand and CTR so your click rate was 30%, as you will see in the picture below, you get a monthly income between$ 216 and$ 360. In this picture, your estimated earnings before the YouTube blackout. Adsense currently operates as a 68% publisher share.


How many views does YouTube pay for?
YouTube shares with you the revenue generated from the ads it shows in the watched videos, not to be watched. For this reason, by opening your channel to revenue as described above, you can start making money from videos that do not require copyright. For this you will also need an AdSense account, we have also described above how to set up an AdSense account.

ECPM (CPM) cost per thousand impressions ranking by country


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