Is the quota applic...

Is the quota application coming up again?  


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February 5, 2020 9:42 pm  

Is the quota application coming up again?
A recent claim has dropped like a bomb on the agenda. Türk Telekom clarified the rumours that quota application will be brought as of April 1.

You know, as of January 1, the age of unlimited internet began in our country. As all users know, until January 1 we were subjected to an outdated application called AKN. In this system, which is referred to as the Fair Use quota (or point), your speed was greatly reduced when you reached a certain download quota.

Fortunately, with the unlimited internet age that came on January 1, we also got rid of this meaningless application. Before the transition to unlimited internet, there were many rumors. Some rumors were that akn would be replaced with quota packages and the internet would slow down again when this quota was finished.

Indeed, many internet providers have informed their customers in this direction. But the reaction from users was to re-edit the tariffs. Almost all internet providers have committed ongoing users to unlimited packages without slowing down their speed.

Is the quota application coming again?
The rumours of full quotas are over, we can now enjoy unlimited internet when a claim that was put forward recently dropped like a bomb on the agenda. According to these claims, Türk Telekom sent a letter to BTK for a new quota application.

The article stated that the akn quota used by Türk Telekom subscribers before 2019 will be converted to Duran in its quota as of April 1 and the internet will be cut after the quota is exceeded. At least that's what was reflected in the press.

Naturally, this speculation about quota implementation was suddenly on the agenda on social media. In addition to social media, the issue came to the fore in some newspapers and news programs, forcing Türk Telekom to make a statement about the issue.

Explanation came from Türk Telekom
Türk Telekom made a statement on 15 February, despite the quota application claims. The company, which is the largest internet provider in Turkey, has clearly denied rumours that it will revert to quota implementation and that the internet will be cut after the overage.

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Türk Telekom stated that the internet package used by its customers before this time will continue as of April 1. In other words, to sum up briefly, after April 1, there is no such situation as quota lapses or internet cuts.

Türk Telekom already has quota packages. In these packages, when the quota runs out, there is an obligation to receive an additional quota. If you wish, you can look at these packages where the quota application is available from below.

As a result, if we need to summarize, we can say that the rumours that the Internet will be completely cut off with the quota extension and that the application standing in the quota that was put forward has turned out to be unfounded. Türk Telekom customers will continue to use the tariff they currently use in the same way as long as their commitment continues. At least this is the explanation from Türk Telekom. Of course, time will tell whether there will be any changes in tariffs in the future.


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