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Ways To Improve The Performance Of Your Laptop  


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Ways To Improve The Performance Of Your Laptop
You can improve the performance of your laptop with some subtle touches, which you've seen decrease in performance over the years.

The performance decline of our laptops can bore us from time to time, and we are trying to take measures to do so ourselves.
Here are some ways to optimize your Windows 10 installed devices:
1st. Dec decontaminate your computer this method depends on how old your device is, when you bought it, or when you last cleaned it, but if you use your laptop in bed, it will be very useful to occasionally clean the inside of your device. The powder in the bed pulls the wool particles into the system while the cooling fan is sucking.
To find the cause of the slowdown, right-click on the menu bar to open the task manager, the Performance tab to see if the hardware that holds the dust is CPU, hard disk, SSD or RAM.

by right-clicking on the menu bar, you can open the task manager and click on the Performance tab to see if the hardware that holds the dust is CPU, hard disk, SSD or RAM.
2nd ed. Check your device's hardware

As with many things, your laptop hardware has a lifetime, but it's a bit up to the user to extend their life. There are three potential solutions here. The first is disk defragmentation, which Windows usually does in the background. The second is to remove applications that you do not use. Third, perhaps most important is to replace your old HDD with SSD.
3. Remove unnecessary applications

If there are multiple applications that function the same, such as multiple media players, remove the ones you are not using from them. Turn off the automatic update of applications that you don't use every day, and from the task manager to the start tab, disable the programs that are opened at startup and that you don't use.
4. Download Anti virus program

You can download paid or free anti-virus programs by searching Google and scan your device regularly.

If all this isn't working, maybe it's time you bought a new laptop.Adnan Adnan Güney: my suggestion is to use Advanced SystemCare 12 for free..

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Even though Windows optimizes itself regularly, you as users can also improve or prevent your device from falling down with this kind of little touch.


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