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Using The Advanced SystemCare Maintenance Tool  


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Using The Advanced SystemCare Maintenance Tool
Free Free, as distributed Advanced SystemCare Computer care and Acceleration program settings by configuring how to use the best?

If you have installed the latest update Advanced SystemCare Free maintenance program on your computer, you can use it more efficiently by following the most stable Usage settings below and making the program settings installed on your computer.To briefly explain; Advanced SystemCare Free Computer Maintenance and acceleration program on your system by deleting unnecessary files on your computer provides fast and systematic operation.
The program is free of charge, although it provides a limited use, but it is capable of providing adequate maintenance for personal computer users.

When you first use the program, you may feel the lightening of your computer.

Edit Advanced SystemCare maintenance program settings:
1st. Turn on maintenance mode. Under Select All, select 12 names. maintenance module available.
2nd ed. These maintenance modules are described below and complete your settings by following this description.

Alet çantasından görüntüler

Configuration of maintenance modules :
1st. Remove spyware: if you are using an antivirus program for security on your computer, remove the mark next to this program, which you are advised to use.
2nd ed. Power up the internet: this is not available in the free program. But still you check and then remove it. Pro users should not remove this option.
3. Defend security: if you are already using an antivirus program for security, uncheck it.
4. Fix registry: check.
5. Correct shortcuts: check.
6. Scan disk: check. Use this setting intermittently. <do not use continuously. Don't wear your disc.
7th ed. Sweep privacy: uncheck. Cookies available on your computer are small storage space that allows you to use the internet”fast. However, when used for a long time, the computer becomes a data dump. Mark this part once you start aggravating your computer. Then uncheck it again.
8. Fix registry: get checked.
Ninth Fix the vulnerability: remove the mark, you are already using an antivirus program for security.
10. Clean trash files: get checked.
11. System optimization: the Windows operating system is already optimizing the system. Remove the sign. If you have a problem with your computer, you can leave it checked. The Program will do the best for you.
12. Merge disc: get checked. The combination of computer disk data is synonymous with speed reading. Scattered data reading is an element that affects the speed of the computer.

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Love the game if you want your speed to be good :
Click on the Turbo Power menu that is among the options. There are two options, open and closed. You can turn it on while playing the game. Many systems will not work in the background when you turn them on. When you're finished playing the game, take the old off position again.
Scan module :
Click on the option to scan. The modules will be scanned one by one. To perform the repair automatically, select the repair option at the bottom. Reduce the program, continue with your other work. When the scan is complete, click Finish to minimize the maintenance module icon into the system tray on the clock. Run it again by clicking here whenever you wish.


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