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Google Launches Free Internet Project in Philippines  


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February 5, 2020 9:49 pm  

Google Launches Free Internet Project in Philippines
At a conference in the Philippines, Google heralded the inclusion of the Philippines in its Google Station program.

Google Station'ın yeni dönemdeki duraklarından biri de Türkiye olur diye umuyoruz.
The Google Station project, which has been launched in many countries such as India, Mexico, Thailand, is now being launched in the Philippines.

With the Google Station project, free Wi-Fi service will be available at exactly 50 locations in the Philippines. All wireless internet hotspots will be operational by the end of February.

Google Station project
Just as in other countries, each Wi-Fi point will have a 30-minute limit. When the 30 minutes are up, you need to log back in to continue using. The reason for this is to keep the intensity and speed of the internet at a certain level.
We hope that Turkey will be one of the stops of Google Station in the new era, which has been launched with a partnership with PLDT and Smart Communications companies.


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