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Huawei, Google counterpart give date for apps  


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Huawei, Google counterpart give date for apps

Huawei has announced the release date for its Google counterpart apps it is developing. The firm, which has been forced to develop its own operating system and services as a result of the sanctions it faces, will use Huawei Mobile Services instead of Google Play Services. We also shared with you the Huawei and Google system comparison.

Huawei faces mobile services and Google Play
What kind of system has Huawei developed instead of Google Play, which wants to make its users use Android apps with the Huawei Mobile Service?

Google counterpart apps ready
Huawei continues its work despite sanctions decisions from the United States. We shared with you the news that the phone Mate 30 Pro will be sold in Turkey without the latest Google Play Services. With the introduction of the phone to the market without using Google systems, Huawei, working for future models, Google will meet users at the end of the year to replace the system and applications announced.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro Turkey price announced!Huawei Mate 30 Pro Turkey price announced!
Huawei Mate 30 Pro is preparing to hit the Turkish market. The Huawei Mate 30 Pro Turkey price was also announced, which attracted attention with its artificial intelligence-supported camera features...

“We have what we call HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) and we are trying to build a mobile ecosystem, " said Charles Peng, director of Huawei India, when asked by a journalist about Google Play Services. We have completed many applications such as maps, Payment System, games and messaging. It will be rolled out by the end of December.” description found.

The firm, which has been in the focus of sanctions since May, has developed counterparts of the practices used around the world. These will replace apps like Gmail, Google Maps, Chrome, photos. Huawei, which will use its own phone service system, will also provide backup of user devices along with the cloud method.

For the above applications to be used on the Android device, Google Play Services needs to work. This is because the work done between the phone and Google servers in background processing is not compatible with Huawei Mobile Services.

Will Huawemi mobile services please users?
“Users will see no difference between Huawei Mobile Services and Google Play Services, " Peng said in a statement. We work hard with software developers. The purpose of our work is to provide our customers with a better experience. It's fueling our determination to work.” quoth.

It has to be noted that Huawei's own ecosystem does not only work for Indian developers. Around the world, $ 1 billion in investment is earmarked for this business. The firm also invites developers for studies.

huawei Google apps
Applications developed by Indian software developers will be available in many regions, especially Europe. It is also aimed to bring the 100-150 applications most used in each country to Huawei Mobile Services.

Huawei has developed its own apps instead of Google apps, but there are some questions in mind. The first is how counterparts are developed for successful and high-demand apps such as Gmail and YouTube. Because the two applications have millions of users and unique features. When users migrate to other apps, they may have difficulty getting used to counterpart apps. In the latter case, Huawei may have agreed with firms that already have counterparts to these practices. The example can be used on Vimeo instead of YouTube.

If Huawei develops all applications in its ecosystem, a rival to Google will emerge. Google dominates the ecosystem of all Android devices.


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