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Increase Clicks With Ad Networks  


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Method ;

Add a 728 x 90 display ad to a title
Set the Site layout to be the right banner
Add 2 vertically flexible display ads to the right
Add a link ad and in-feed ad as a preference to the post
Google adsense ad placement
Yes, thanks to the methods described above, I increased the site speed and the number of clicks, albeit a little. If you know the methods you can share in the comments section.

Increase Clicks With Ad Networks

google adsense reklam yerleşimi
You can increase Google adsense revenue by editing ad networks. What you need to do is click on Google Adsense – reports-unsaved reports. Then click ad networks in the reporting criteria section. You can choose the custom date range, whether it's all times or yourself, as pictured on the right. The event here is that you can allow those ad networks by clicking on the name blocking controls – content – all sites – Ad Networks Section. You can also block ad networks if they have more impressions but less revenue when the ad is clicked or clicked. Most google AdWords for my own website, criteo (en) is included.

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