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Edit The Sensitive Categories Section
Although the sensitive categories portion does not earn as much as the general categories portion, the ads that have the highest click-through rate on the sites generally come from the sensitive categories. I have allowed all subcategories because it is the category with the most click-through rate. You can also increase your Google adsense revenue by making a ratio of 1 to 2.

Advertising Review Center
You can block ads that you don't like with the ad review Center, which is one of the ways to increase Google adsense revenue. You can block ads that are less likely to be clicked by reviewing ads that appear within the subcategories that you allow in the general category and the sensitive category.

Focus on your best-performing ads

internetten para kazanma yolları
As the title suggests, you have a specific traffic, but if you want to find out which ad units are better, you can create an experiment by clicking on Google Adsense – ads – ad balance.

Unknown Methods Of Increasing Adsense Revenue
Many articles have been written on youtube as well as blogs or sites about ways to make money from the internet. Under this heading, I will talk about the methods of increasing income that I have recently implemented in my site by researching.

AMP use for mobile view
Amp, one of the most beautiful ways to increase revenue, has recently increased its use. If there is no amp on your website or blog, start using amp immediately. After you have installed the AMP, click on Google Adsense – Overview – AMP to paste the code in the appropriate place and you can serve automatic ads for your mobile traffic. For my own traffic, I Increased my adsense revenue by 50% using automatic advertising.

Desktop Correct Ad Placement
Google adsense is a form of advertising that uses different advertising units as revenue to increase revenue through trial and error, but with the method that I recently started to implement, you can increase revenue with Google adsense.



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