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Microsoft eavesdropped on Xbox users  


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Microsoft eavesdropped on Xbox users

Now the Xbox One consoles have been rested after Siri, Alexa and Google now rested. This step was taken by Microsoft's employees, thanks to both the Kinect device and the Cortana infrastructure. So why was such a step taken?

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Microsoft Xbox One users listened
Officials working for Microsoft have described how they listen to sounds recorded by Xbox consoles. This listening thing, in fact, has been happening since the early days of Xbox One. Because the Kinect camera on the console is controlled by voice commands, the most important factor that makes listening possible.

Likewise, Cortana, Microsoft's Smart Personal Assistant, makes it possible to review records. The employees who listened to the users stated that while many of the eavesdropping was intentional, some eavesdropping was due to the users.

Microsoft Xbox One
Users are able to activate a critical function, sometimes accidentally, as they can manage the Xbox One with their own voice. Employees who could also listen to Cortana recordings were also able to hear people using Skype's language translation feature. Giving clarity to all events, Microsoft said::

“We do this to improve our services and improve our voice recognition system. We collect voice data so that we can better serve our voice-based services. This is a situation that has been obvious for a long time.”

“We always get permission from customers before collecting voice data. We are taking steps to analyse the audio files being examined to protect people's privacy.”

Microsoft Xbox One
"We demand that data processing processes be conducted according to the highest privacy standards enshrined in the law. We also want to give customers more transparency and more control, and we are actively working on this issue.

"Users, in fact, are using their own data in the development of Xbox products but they don't know how they do it. We're trying to show them that.”


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