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Gamepad for smartphones from Honor  


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February 5, 2020 9:44 pm  

Gamepad for smartphones from Honor

Gamescom 2019, which started yesterday and continues in Cologne, Germany, until August 24, continues with its latest speed. Honor also showed up at the event with an unexpected product. Honor Gamepad model introduced.

Which games will be introduced at Gamescom 2019?Which games will be introduced at Gamescom 2019?
The next game Fair stop after E3 is Gamescom 2019, which games will it host? What will happen in the organization, which includes big brands like Google, Microsoft and Ubisoft?

Surprised at Gamescom 2019 event by presenting Honor Gamepad
Gamescom, a huge worldwide event with the participation of many companies, is in full swing in Cologne. Both game makers and device makers demonstrate all their game-related skills.

Today, Honor took to the stage to promote her own mobile gaming gamepad. The Gamepad can be plugged into the left or right side of the phone. It connects to the mobile device via Bluetooth and has a 400 mAh battery.

Surprised at the Gamescom 2019 event by presenting Honor Gamepad! - ShiftDelete.Net (2))
During the conference, a spokesperson for Honor explained that 18 percent of its users identify themselves as players. He therefore reported that the company had no choice but to offer a special accessory to meet this need.

Although the Gamepad is compatible with most games, you can also match the keys differently. In addition, the accessory with the USB-C input will be compatible with many new models. But the company has not said anything about the pricing and availability of the device. The official price tag and the countries to be found are expected to be announced in a short time.


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