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Here's The Overwatch Developer Update Video  


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February 5, 2020 9:50 pm  

Here's The Overwatch Developer Update Video
Game Director Jeff Kaplan shared in the Overwatch Developer Update video outlining future content on the Overwatch 1.45 patch.

Game Director Jeff Kaplan outlined future content in the Overwatch 1.45 patch, which will be released in early February. So, what's in the Overwatch 1.45 patch?

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1st. Balancing Approach Update
The team aims to bring in more regular and effective balancing updates to deliberately change the commodity.
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In addition, our team is open to the idea of rolling back changes made when necessary, as changes are planned that will have greater impact.
We've had a lot of requests in recent days for regular changes to Overwatch to keep the game fresh. This change is our response to the demands.
For the first attempt at this process, check out the following point....

2nd ed. Experimental Card
The team adds a new motherboard called the experimental card to the play screen. This card will allow us to test whether major changes to the game will be added to the standard game.
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Since the experimental card is included in the current version of the game, this mode also allows console players to participate in experimental content testing.
Players will continue to make progress and win the booty chest while playing in experimental Card mode. This will encourage players to test content that has not yet been released.
Unlike open Test servers (PTR), the experimental card will not be used to test for errors in the game, but to test for balancing updates, game modes or rule changes that we consider within the team. Although some of these features will come into play, it is not certain that all of the changes to this game mode will be implemented.
3. Hero Pools
21. In the season, we bring a new system called hero pools. In this system, some heroes will not be played in competitive game mode for a week. Every week a new set of heroes will be unplayable in this way.
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Hero Pools 21. We're trying for the season and depending on the results we get, that system is 21. he could be removed from the game after the season. We will also follow the system closely to determine how often the rotation should change (e.g. weekly, daily, by match).
Our design team will select the heroes to be added to the pool, and the heroes will not be randomly selected based on an algorithm.
This system will only be available in competitive game mode and will not be available in Arcade or fast game modes.
The purpose of the system is to allow methane to change every week and increase the variety of heroes in games.
In a blog post we will share soon, we will explain in detail how this will affect the Overwatch League.
4. Other updates
With this update, our anti-cheating efforts are getting stronger. Please continue to submit your reports and information to support us in our efforts to further improve our anti-cheating systems.
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