AOC unveils new B2 ...

AOC unveils new B2 Series monitors  


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February 5, 2020 9:50 pm  

AOC unveils new B2 Series monitors
AOC is launching its entry-level 2 Series monitors with a slim, 3-side frameless design.
AOC is launching three new monitors from its entry-level monitor product line, the B2 series. 21.5-inch (54.7 cm), 23.8 inch (60.4 CM) and 27 inches (68.6 cm) screen size, in all three of the three models offered, with Full HD resolution (1080p), with a plain, 3 way, rimless, ultra-thin profile and VESA mounting support with a clean back.

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The monitors offer wide viewing angles (178°) that guarantee a color experience that doesn't change from any point of view. The 21.5-inch 22B2H model features a VA panel with deep blacks and vibrant colors. The 23.8-inch 24B2XH and 27-inch 27B2H were fitted with IPS panels for vivacious reproduction.

With VGA and HDMI 1.4 inputs, various devices are easily connected. All three of these models fit every user's desk looking for a basic, low-cost display.

Robust features for an entry-level budget
AOC's B2 series monitors offer a robust array of features: the live full HD resolution of the IPS panel (24B2XH and 27B2H) and true colors, or the impressive contrast of the VA panel (22B2H), to suit everything from work to study, or watching movies to playing games decently. All panels support a 75 Hz refresh rate, which means 25% more frames per second than an ordinary 60 Hz monitor to achieve smoother cursor movements and video.

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Fluent and functional
Although these monitors are affordable and entry-level, they are frameless on all three sides. This means that the edge of the panel is coupled with the frames. Thus, the impression of a fluid image is created. Such an elegant design also enables productivity-enhancing multi-monitor installations without distracting frames.

A technology that persuades
All three models of the B2 series were equipped with both VGA and HDMI inputs, as well as headphone outputs. So even older personal computers using VGA can be connected and modernized with a great display. Moreover, modern resources such as desktop or mobile personal computers, DVD or Blu-ray players, game consoles and others can also be easily plugged in via HDMI.

The B2 series features FlickerFree technology that eliminates vibration by using DC (Direct Current) instead of PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) when adjusting the brightness level. This often prevents headaches and eye fatigue caused by pulsating images.

In addition, to relieve eye fatigue during dark hours and in low light conditions, the LowBlue Mode reduces the release of the monitor's potentially harmful blue wavelengths.

AOC's B2 series will be available in February at the following manufacturer-recommended retail prices: 22B2H 109 USD, 24B2XH 119 USD and 27B2H 169 USD.


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