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search and you can find your wordpress blog. (Developer: Emre Vona )  


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February 5, 2020 9:39 pm  

You do not need to set any other settings other than the ones I mentioned above. I gave you all the necessary settings. If you want to learn more about what all these settings do and understand the logic, you can look at my article titled Yoast SEO settings.

5-wp fast Cache or WP Rocket: plug-in at the following address or directly in the admin panel >> plugins >> add new by saying in the top right corner of the search box wp fast Cache type, search and you can find your wordpress blog. (Developer: Emre Vona )

Cache plugin is another of the essential wordpress plugins that increase the speed of your blog. This plug-in is also very easy to set up and set up. You can adjust the settings of the plugin by following the article titled wp Fastest Cache settings.

6 - Social Sharing plug-in: list of the series you can add the social sharing buttons you see on the left side of my blog or at the bottom of my mobile by using the plug-in.

Easy Social Share is the social networking plugin I use for my series blog. But this is a paid add-on. If you don't want to pay for it, there are still many free social networking plugins in the wordpress substructure.

Free plugins you can also find free social networking plugins on Google ( even if you do a search in English, there will be many more options ) by doing that search.

7-in addition to all the top plugins in a series of my blog Ad Inserter and Q2w3 fixed Widget named two more plugins used.

Ad Inserter is an add-on that allows you to place ads within your posts. However, to use this plugin, you must first have ads to publish. For this reason, you need to apply for Google adsense and it needs to be approved.

I gave detailed information at the end of the article about the Adsense ( advertising publisher that we will earn money from our blog ) application. I mean, I'll mention it later, but at this point, you don't have to install this plugin. This is something you should do in the future, when your blog starts to succeed. So there is no need for this plugin right now.

#When you are adding ads in the future, you can set up and set up this add-in by following the type of add-in ad.

I use the fixed Widget plug-in to keep the ad on the right side of my blog, i.e. to keep the ad constant as the screen goes down. You also use this add-on after you add an ad. So again, there is no need for this add-on at the moment.

You can set up and adjust this add-on by following the Sidebar fix-up spelling while you are adding ads in the future.


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