After installing th...

After installing the plugin we have to do one by one;  


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Of course, Google results of your article subheadings and you can not decide which of them will be, Google determines them itself. However, you will still create an extra line for your article in google results as well as the visitor can go directly to your article by clicking on one of the subheadings instead of your article title.

# I put this table of contents on the right side for my series List blog, but as I said, You can add it to the beginning of the post. To do this, you can follow the article titled link in wordpress.

4-Yoast SEO: plug-in at the following address or directly in the admin panel >> plug-ins >> add new by saying in the top right corner of the search box Yoast SEO type, search and you can find and upload your wordpress blog. (Developer: Team Yoast )

Yoast is an SEO plugin. You manage your blog'S SEO settings through this plugin. It is a must-use plugin for every wordpress site.

After installing the plugin we have to do one by one;

# General: first go to Admin Panel >> SEO >> General tab and set all settings in Features tab to ON and then click Save Changes button.

# Search Appearance: then go to Admin Panel >> SEO >> Search Appearance >> General tab and select a title separator from the title separator section. The bracket / shape I selected.

In the Knowledge Graph section, select the Contact option, instead of your contact name, type what your site name is, that is, what your main keyword is, and click Save Changes. I wrote” Best Foreign series."

On the Content type tab, select Yes and show all settings for articles and pages, and then click Save Changes.

On the Media tab, mark all settings as no and hide,and then click Save Changes.

On the Categories tab, mark all settings as no-hide-neutral and remove,and then click Save Changes.

Marked as ineffective in the same way all the settings in the archives tab, click on the Save Changes button.

Mark the road map as active and leave the settings as they are and click the Save Changes button and leave the RSS section as it is, which is the last tab, do not touch it at all.

# Social: go to Admin Panel >> SEO >> Social >> Accounts tab and enter the links to those social media accounts if you have opened any social media accounts for your blog. I didn't open any social media accounts for my series blog.

And then go to the SEO >> Social > > Facebook – Twitter tabs to actively process the Add Open Graph metadata sections and click Save Changes.

# Tools: click on the Admin Panel >> SEO >> tools >> file editor link and click the blank white space below the txt file section, type the commands I gave at the bottom, replacing them with your own blog name, and then click Save Changes to the txt button.


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